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Dear Jack

First, I would like to thank you for your wonderful book, “The Success Principles.” I read it first (twice!) in the German translation and then during the coaching program in English.

At this point I will give my Coach a special thank for his enthusiastic coaching and his wonderful prospering talks we had in the last few months. We had a lot of fun together. In the first few weeks, it was quite a challenge to read, write, and even talk about a specific topic with my Coach in English. No matter what, I did it. Thanks to my Coach’s patience.

Some modules were more my thing; others, like setting my goals in combination with a timeline, rather less. Maybe it's the point to get specific and measurable that was making me hesitate. Beginning the second phase, I was more into the "self training" and got the most out of your principles because I adopted them to my very own plan, my future life. Although my targets came closer and got sharper, even I had to think over my timeline.

Your book and your coaching program did change my life dramatically and sustainably! I will start every future day with an exact plan. I did recommend your book quite a lot and I am sure there will be more people who find ideas and support with your heartwarming and enthusiastic words. 

Unfortunately, I can't join your wonderful training in Tuscany. But some day I will participate. I work on it. Thanks again to you, your team and my Coach.

Best wishes from Switzerland.

— Rene D., Switzerland

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