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“Dear Jack,

I have had the amazing experience of participating in the Canfield Coaching program!  I have enjoyed learning about the Success Principles, putting them into action & seeing the results. Also, I have long been a believer in the Law of Attraction (even before I knew it had a title!).  As knowledge is power, I am regularly utilizing my new understanding of this law & putting it to work. 

Since starting this journey, I have created a consistent flow of business, have built a stronger team of consultants and continue to work toward my goal of becoming a Director within my direct sales company.  I have also created improved quality time with my two young boys, my husband and our family as a whole. 

My main goal in joining the coaching program was to gain clarity on my career path, to do this while creating (& then maintaining) balance with my family & to re-establish my sense of self.  I now feel I am a better mother, wife & individual along with having a stronger business.  I can only ask for more of the same.

My goals are set & I have the skills to reach them.  Now that I have come this far, I am excited to see where I go from here.

I am grateful to you and my coach for your significant impact on my life.  I hope to attend one of your training events in the near future & thank you both in person!”

Best Regards,

— Trish C., PA, USA

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