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“Dear Jack,

I am sending you a heartfelt THANK YOU for the awesome coaching program - AND, for everything you have done to improve and impact the lives of others.

This past spring my real estate career was at an all time low, and I knew I had to do something different. After having a "free" call with one of the fine folks on your team, I was SOLD ! I dusted off your book "The Success Principles", which I had purchased three years earlier at Brian Buffini's Mastermind Summit - where I also heard you speak.

Now that I have completed the weekly coaching call portion of the program, my business is soaring, my life's purpose is written, and my break through goal has my full attention ! I have never been more focused ! All those that surround me are "positive" influences, my success journal is added to on a daily basis, and I have never gotten so much done in a day!

Today was my first time teaching "The Success Principles" to twelve eager participants in my Long Realty Office. I am using the six-week workshop manual I found on one of your web sites ! And, I have had so many people sign up, I have had to schedule two more workshops in the weeks ahead. WOW! I am thrilled.

My Canfield Coach is amazing. I am thrilled to have had this experience with him. And, I can truly say that "The Success Principles" is the book that has changed my life. I hope to be coaching some day as a member of your team. My passion for your materials drives me to greater and greater successes each day. THANK YOU so much!

It's a good life!”

— Mary V., AZ, USA

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