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Dear Jack,

I want to share with you some of the successes, big and small, that I've had while in the Jack Canfield Coaching program with my Coach. First off, let me say that my Coach has been a pleasure to work with. He's thought provoking and insightful yet laid-back enough that the process didn't feel overwhelming. It really allowed me to take a step back and view my life from deep down inside—my passions, my purpose, and yes, my paycheck all at the same time. It must be quite life affirming to be able to change so many lives on such a deep intrinsic level. Kudos (to both of you) for that.

In the beginning of the program, after hearing about the first 8 weeks of curriculum, my gut reaction was...'I know all this stuff.' In fact, I truly believed what I was really looking for was more of an accountability partner—someone who can help me 'get things done.' Yet as the saying goes, the moment you say ‘but I know that' is the moment you no longer continue to grow. Boy, was that ever true! In fact, what I come to realize, is that all the action one takes in the world is nothing compared to getting clear on exactly what you want first.

Now, I'm a voracious reader of personal development books and certainly have agreed and understood the concepts presented in the mind-body-spirit arena for quite some time. The thing is, when you actually DO the work—the quieting and visioning of the mind...the actions of the body...and the work of the soul, it's amazing how really clear you can get. 

Applying the coaching homework to my life has really turned a number of things around for me. On a productivity level, I've finally been able to prioritize my tasks more and procrastinate a whole lot less.  Working on being pro-active rather than re-active is definitely an ongoing process! (One of which I get better and better at as the weeks go by.) 

I've also had some amazing personal victories these last few weeks. The relationship with my husband has become increasingly better as a direct result of the work. I've also released a relationship that was no longer serving me in my life and causing some serious negative energy. In addition, I'm way more consistent with meditations and affirmations than I've ever been before. The clarity with which I move about my day gets even more crystal clear as the weeks go on. And the life I continue to dream about seems far more in my grasp as I take action toward my goals.

In the midst of the coaching work, I've also had a huge amount of transition happen in my life (mainly professional). It's caused some shifts in the direction I was heading. In fact, for a while it felt like I was taking two steps back.  But, as they say, 'we can not direct the wind, we can only adjust our sails.' Despite those changes, I've never been more sure footed of the things I know need to be done and will be done. I'm much more in 'whatever it takes' mode now because of the vision of my dream life that you, my Coach, and this coaching program have helped me mold and sculpt on an ongoing basis.

As Phase 2 of the coaching program goes into place over the next several months, I fully intend to use the program to maintain accountability for getting stuff done that I really want to accomplish in my life. Can't wait to see what happens!

So bottom line is...

I just wanted to say, thank you …from the bottom of my heart for this program. I would recommend it to anybody and everybody. It's worth every penny.


— Paula C., CO, USA

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