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Dear Jack,

I want to thank you for your generosity in suggesting that you hold my book when we were photographed at the Detroit Area Entrepreneur Organization. This graciousness and generosity that you have shown towards me, just proves to me why you continue to do so well.

I told you that your Personal Coach got me unstuck. I learned about the law of attraction when I saw The Secret, so I knew about and understood the law, but I had been through some traumatic changes in my life, and couldn't get past them to see what I needed. Your Coach, worked me through that. It was worth every penny that I spent, at a time when most people in my life would have thought it was insane to spend that amount of money on a coach. If I can ever provide you with a testimonial about Jack Canfield Coaching, I'd be happy to do so. While I'm unknown now, well, with the law of attraction, becoming known is only a matter of time.

When I watched The Secret, you were the one person I resonated with and the one person that I wanted to meet. Thanks again and may God's richest blessings be yours.
With Warmest Regards,

Cherie W.

— Cherie W., MI, USA

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