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Dear Jack,

I am forever grateful for the time I have had in the first phase of the Laws of Attraction Coaching Program. It has been an amazing journey and I am forever better for having taken the leap of faith. When I began the journey I felt like I had potential that I did not know how to tap into and this time has brought me so much growth.  

I attended the Nerium International Convention in Long Beach, CA and after hearing you talk, took you up on the offer to text you to connect and for more information. This led me to your website, which lead me to your coaching program. My wife and I did not know how we would be able to afford to pay for the coaching program - especially since we were on a war path to financial freedom and this would put a bit of a delay on that plan. With her amazing, unending love and support, we decided to go ahead and do it!  (And we paid off the coaching program within a month of starting the program!) 

The weeks following were wonderful - I have incorporated so many strategies for success into my daily life. I am a better version of myself - the wife, mother, up-line support, friend, etc. than I have been. My affirmations are making my dreams come true. My Coach is the best and he helps me learn, grow, and move forward towards the life we are dreaming of.

Last week my Coach challenged me to have the best week of the program. I defined what this would mean for me: 
1. Register for the NM Live ~ Love ~ Tri Sprint Triathlon; 2. Locate, print, plan, and begin my triathlon training program; 3. Rank advance to Sr. Brand Partner by adding an additional Brand Partner to my Nerium team; and
4. Run at least 4 times this week pausing before each run to make those runs a meditation by centering and thinking about what I want to focus on during the run. Then I emailed that to my Coach and thought, I am going to give it all I have but man alive, how in the world?!? I kept on pushing, meditating, affirming myself, visualizing and then - on Sunday night - I reviewed my best week goals and realized - I DID IT!  How in heavens name?  But I DID IT!  WE DID IT!  I am absolutely thrilled for the second phase of my Laws of Attraction Coaching program and I dream about attending the Jack Canfield Italy trip next year!  I CAN DO IT - thanks to my Coach and to you, Jack, for having such a wonderful, helpful, life-changing program.

With much gratitude,

— Mandy S., AZ, USA

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