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Dear Jack,

I am so thankful for your coaching program. I am so excited of where this program has already taken me and I truly can not wait to continue to build a stronger and better me. I have grown into a much more positive person. I really do focus more on what I can control and not letting myself get so caught up on what I can not control. I definitely have more self-confidence, and I love what the positive self-talk has done for me. I have worked very hard at getting rid of the inner critic and turning it into my inner coach.

I am for the first time in my life feeling more balanced in all the areas of my life. My family is growing closer. My relationship with my husband is getting stronger. I am now really stopping to take the time and make sure that I am giving praise and appreciation to those in my life. I love how I can feel and see that positive ripple effect. I love how simple the principles are and that you can work them into your everyday life. I am able to dream again and to honestly believe in myself. I know I can and will do great things to make that positive impact in not only my own life but in so many others. I have never stopped and thought about my life purpose until doing this coaching program. This is what I found my life purpose to be: My purpose is to use my caring dedication to support and make an impact on others positive outlook on life so they can be happy. It was a very proud moment when I was able to write down my life purpose and I truly knew it fit me.

I want to thank you for your wonderful guidence and your coaching staff. I am grateful to my Personal Coach. He has been so good for me to work with. I will never be the same thanks to this program. I have such a different outlook on life...I feel like I have been given a second chance. This has given me so much more courage and strength then I ever thought that I had. I am egar to continue on with making improvements that are going to keep bettering mine and my family’s life. 

Thank you for the honor of being part of this program.


— Teri M., UT, USA

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