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Dear Jack,

After signing up with the Canfield Coaching program in March 2010, [my] self improvement accelerated to gradual and constant change. I had more accountability and need to complete the work of self improvement.

I wrote in my assessments at the beginning of the coaching program that I wanted more joy, peace, support and passion in my life. I wanted to become what I’m meant to be, and help my loved ones and other reach the goals and dreams they have. The two main goals I have for this year are to release extra weight and gain (attract) greater health and fitness, and to find (attract) a career that will be in alignment with my life purpose. I feel that I am doing better than I ever have before at taking personal responsibility for reaching all those goals. My consistent daily efforts will continue the “gradual and constant change.”

Having the weekly check-in with my coach had the following benefits for me: created motivation to complete modules by a deadline date; created repetition of thoughts and actions as I did the reading, completed exercises, wrote about it, and then finally talked about what I learned with my coach; gave me new insights; gave me feedback on how I’m doing, what I could do differently or better; created positive expectations that I could make changes and make improvements; and gave me support for my journey. I feel I have more clarity about my life purpose and I’ve learned to give myself permission to honor my own pace. I’ve learned to focus intently on one thing instead of scattering my energy in many different directions with many different goals, believing I have to do it all at the same time.

I want to thank you for creating the growth-promoting programs and educational tools, and for having a positive impact on me and others in our world. To me you are a champion and shining example of creating positive change and awareness in a world that needs that desperately! I am grateful to be part of the Canfield Coaching family. I’m grateful for the inspiration and empowerment I am receiving from participating in the program!

— Diana M., WA, USA

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