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Dear Jack,

I am writing to tell you what I have walked away with, and better yet, what I have put into practice after completing the first 16 weeks of coaching on The Success Principles. 

Once I got over the sticker shock (my income had dropped by two thirds), I made a commitment to take on Principle #1. Let me tell you it hasn’t been easy. The good part is I now know if I’m to be successful, no matter what challenge I take on in my life’s journey, this is the foundation for my success.

During the early stages of coaching, I reflected on my life’s past. I got shivers up my back when I realized how much negativity I had attracted to myself. It wasn’t the bad upbringing or lack of guidance or love, etc. Those were just circumstances that presented themselves and for me to figure out a way to deal with them. I’d like not to take responsibility and state I was way too young to attract that kind of negativity into my life but now I see it was me that brought it on. Everything else was the set…the set of life.

I’ve learned to be kind to myself when things are not flowing the way I’d like them. I remind myself it’s the way the day was meant to go. I persevere. Again, not always easy but I’m working it.

I believe in myself (Principle #5), which also reverts back to Principle #1, so, once again, I must take responsibility for myself if I am to be successful. Hmm, there’s a pattern here wouldn’t you agree.

I won’t bore you with how I have taken all 64 principles to heart and into my life’s practice so I will continue with my vision and my gratitud

I’d like to start with my vision. As I live and work Success Principles daily, I have goals that I meditate and act on to accomplish. While I was studying and implementing the first part of this program, I had read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” As improving my financial IQ is one of my goals, I saw how both you and he have developed programs for young people. So I have decided to combine Success Principle’s for Teen’s and Cash Flow for Teen’s and take it to young adults. Not sure of the process but the Universe and of course action, (Principle # 13) will get me there. I must admit there is a self-serving part of this goal and I happily share it with you. You had mentioned that if someone was to take away any one thing from your lessons it would be to teach to others what you have learned. If I do this, excuse me, when I do this, I will be increasing my practice of Success Principle’s AND my financial IQ at the same time. So it’s a win win for me as well as the teen’s I want to attract. 

Now for my gratitude as this is just as important as setting a goal. 

I first would like to thank you for teaching what you know to people such as me. If you had not taken the time, finances, dedication, as well as surround yourself with an incredible support group, I would still be fumbling around thinking I’m doing okay. Okay is okay, but I’d rather live! I am practicing to live and grow everyday. It is not always easy but I’m working on it (Principle #22). I look forward to attending future seminars you will be hosting because I have committed to myself to attend two self-development courses or seminars each year. I am Kaizen.

My second gratitude is this. I am VERY GRATEFUL for my Coach. When I was invited to take The Success Principles course and was given my Coach, the young lady I was speaking with told me it is truly my lucky day to have him assigned to me. Personally, I thought she’d be telling that to everyone about all the coaches. Then I met you in Rutherford, N.J. After I thanked you for mentioning Isagenix (yes I’m an Isabuddy), I told you I was about to take The Success Principle’s course and that he was my coach. Well, once you also gave your praise of him I new the Law of Attraction was working good things into my life. The key was Principle #13. Was I going to act? And would I once again practice and live Principle #1.  My Coach was perfect for me. I learned so much from him I would need pages to tell you. I think the one big thing I learned from him is The Success Principles do not deviate from person to person or class to class. It’s who follows them makes them a success. I could feel he lives by what he is sharing and teaching me. That is key. My Coach gets it.  I look forward to the day when I get it, too.


— Susan L., MA, USA

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