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Dear Jack,

I am very pleased to let you know how much I have enjoyed doing your Success Principles Coaching program. My husband and I started this together and have helped each other along the way in between sessions. We like doing things like this together because we know we are each there for the other when we need a little help through something and to have someone we can be accountable to. My Coach has been invaluable with her skills as a coach.

I think your program is an awesome one and it has really helped me through some things that I was really struggling with.  I have been an accountant for 37 years but I am also an artist in many ways. I have five books in the works that I was not making progress on until I started your program. Now I really feel I have a direction and the gumption to really get them done, one by one.

Thank you so much for what you have put together here for us to partake in. I learned how valuable it is to use my intuition in making decisions. Something I had used often as a child but somehow put to the back burner for many years. I have also used “envisioning” more to get what I want by just picturing in my head what I want and then it just appears. (Well, something like, if you know what I mean).

Anyway, I am very happy with what I have received from this program. I have even figured out how to work less in my “job” and still get done what needs to be done so I have more time for the other fun things I want to do like my art, playing with my grandkids and doing more things for myself. I have even lost a few pounds toward achieving my ideal weight. Thanks again.

— Jan B., UT, USA

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