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Dear Jack,

It is a pleasure and honor to be writing to you. My name is Maricela and I like to thank you for your vision and leadership, for your commitment to transforming my life, and for your generosity. Your generosity has given me the opportunity to continue my growth and development as a human being, as a spiritual being.

I am being very well taken care of in your coaching program. My Coach is an amazing coach: professional, knowledgeable, firm and gentle in his guidance. I am grateful to have his support. As my coaching transitions from one phase to another I am being asked to reflect on this experience. I would like to share how I came to be here.

I know of you through the now very popular Chicken Soup for the Soul series. I remember reading these stories over and over again. Now, the one I reread is Chicken Soup for the Writer’s Soul. Years later, I watched you in the movie The Secret. A couple of years ago, I bought your book, The Success Principles, thinking, hoping, and wishing I would be able to devote myself to reading it and implementing the principles. I stopped at Principle 4 and set the book aside. Interestingly, before picking up the book again, I had various experiences through Landmark, WarriorSage and Peak Potentials. In each I gained invaluable insights about me as a human being and me as a spiritual being.

After these experiences, I would come home feeling elated and rejuvenated, yet after some time, the energy would wane and I’d be left wondering what to do next. Last December, I took an honest look at the progress I was making towards making my dreams come true. I discovered I needed help. I put a request out to the Universe and the answer came back as your coaching program. I accepted.

I accepted this journey because I realized I needed more than a one-time event seminar to help me achieve my goals. The irony is that I am a teacher. I teach second grade in East Los Angeles, the only California Distinguished School in East L.A. I am very good at helping my students set and achieve reading and writing goals. Yet, I was not doing that with myself on a consistent basis. While I was planning for my work, I was not planning systematically for me.

I am currently working on an autobiography/memoir. It is in the revision stage. My goal is to publish it by this June. I’m a single mother raising a 15 year old, sharing a living space with my 71 year-old mother and a disabled brother. I was walking around trying to do it all at once. My breathing space came when I was introduced to the focused, buffer and free days. Knowing that I could organize my time in this manner to accomplish my goals was liberating. My being became lighter with this new mindset.

I could get my writing done without the guilt on focused days because I could rely on buffer days to handle any family paperwork that required my attention. Now, when my son needs additional support with his geometry, I can schedule buffer days for it since he doesn’t need it every day. This allows me to make space for my creativity to happen. When I first implemented this system I noticed that it took me two weeks to get through a section in my writing that was typically taking me a month to do. It made me very happy and motivated.

In keeping this system going, I have noticed that I am happier. I am free to be happy because I have been able to let go of the stress of having to do it all at the same time. I have let go of the guilt. I have let go of the worry and anxiety. And, thus, I find myself more relaxed and more available to have things move quicker through me.

The by-product I am cultivating in being this organized is discipline. It is not a sexy or exciting word, rather it is a practice that I now realize will bring me the success I yearn for because of who I am being and becoming. I love how you have us integrated it seamlessly into this program and into our lives. Thank you for this paradigm shift of how to view and use time.

Another huge shift that is occurring is in the area of money. I grew up with parents complaining and worrying much about the lack of money. I have been able to challenge the notion of there not being enough. I clearly understand how this false idea has impacted and molded my relationship with money. For the first time, I am fully aware of my monthly expenses. I realized I was carrying this huge fear and shame about not being able to handle money. But today, I am on the road of being an excellent money manger and thus creating financial freedom for me, something I didn’t think possible before.

I love the excellence that is provided through your work. I love that you started off as a teacher. I appreciate that because through this work you are showing us not telling us. I feel I have a template for success, one I can use on a daily basis, one that will make me stronger over time, and one that will get me through the days where I am not in the mood. Thank you.

I am not new to affirmations but I love your interjecting of verbs and adverbs of proudly, happily, celebrating, etc. In using them, I sense a deeper heart connection. I created a brochure of my affirmations, which I carry around to make sure I say them 3x a day. I have been using the Mirror Exercise since I learned about it. I notice I view myself more compassionately.

So where am I? I am in a place where I monitor my thoughts more consciously. I am more aware of what I am doing on a daily basis, whether I am keeping my word or not, and more importantly, I am aware that there is time for everything. This is cause for relaxation and celebration. I am aware of the dreams that yearn to be fulfilled. 

It is my dream to be a writer of significance. It is my dream to earn my Ph.D. at Pacifica Graduate Institute and be fully able to pay for that without taking out any loans, as well as be a loving, nurturing mother who helps my son accomplish his goals and dreams. It is my dream to make this a world better place for children, to name a few. I am happy for the support. 

Lastly, I have been an educator for the past 20 years teaching children from three months to fifth grade and working with adults at the school and the university level. I understand the importance of school. It saved my life. Yet, I have become aware of a different type of education, a type of education that transforms people from the inside out, and one that lifts one’s consciousness. I love this work and I love how you make it accessible. So in light of my experience with this process and the work that you do, I say humbly, I would love to work with you. Given the chance to check out opportunities and see whether these opportunities would be a match to my dreams would be remarkable and truly appreciated. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 


— Maricela R., CA, USA

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