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Dear Mr. Canfield,

It is with sheer joy and delight that I write this letter to you!  I would like you to know the impact on my life that your book, The Success Principals, your coaching program, and your life stories have had on my life.  I am, and always have been, a devote goal setter…however, your program put my goal setting ability on “Fire!"  There is no stopping me now.

Several years ago you spoke to a group of dance studio owners out west.  I was one of them in attendance.  I went to a breakfast and you were there signing your book.  You signed my book and I was amazed when you thanked me by my first name.  “How on Earth do you remember everyone’s name?” I asked.  You looked at me and said, “Well, your name is on your tag.” I was truly star struck at that moment and had a good laugh with myself!

Two years ago I joined your coaching program. I was then introduced to my Coach…it is here that some very exciting things began to take place.  My Coach has a kind and understanding way in his approach to working with people.  The material, at the time, was a little difficult to really swallow and digest.  It made me really take inventory of what direction I wanted my company to go, where my personal life was headed and what I really wanted in my life to make me happy.  Please don’t get me wrong, I have a wonderful life, however, I worked nearly 80 hours a week with very little pay and little appreciation, but I loved my work.

I started working with my Coach, and together we jumped the hurdles I thought were so huge and nearly insurmountable.  Needless to say, I was not the model student, but I really did try to complete most things.  (I had a tough time attaching documents without losing them and not saving…I am now a whiz with the computer!) Let’s fast forward a bit. (It’s so much more exciting!)

Goals! Awe yes, my favorite.  The list of 101 goals in your personal, financial, career, and community was so much fun to do.  I want to share the largest goal with you that I have EVER set and accomplished.  The goal was written down in January. I am going to write it verbatim as to what is written on my goal list:  Here goes:  7.) Relationship “I am going to meet my husband on or before June 17th.”

           12.) Personal “In May of the following year, my husband and I will go to Fiji for our honeymoon! Neither of us has ever been there, and we both LOVE it.

OK, these were two of my biggies.  I did it! I met my husband in April.  (He was grieving his wife who had passed from Cancer.  He had a ring on and I did not know that he was a widower). I was still working a ton, but not nearly as much as when I first started to work with my Coach.  David and I were married June 21st of the following year and we went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and our wedding.  OK, it’s not Fiji, but it’s still an island and neither of us have ever been there, and we both really, really LOVED it.  I have to count it!!

My next amazing goal is this.  I love the country of Belize.  I have set up a student exchange program and brought my dancers down to teach and work in the community, and I then take the Belizean dancers back to the states for 10 days and place them in homes with my clients for a dance/cultural exchange.  It’s wonderful.  So many of the children we have brought back and forth from Belize have chosen a different life path.  Instead of having children at 15 (I’m not being mean or rude, but this is a different culture than what we have here), they have opted to stay in school and further their careers, bringing that back to the country.  (X ray techs, schoolteachers, accountants, etc.) We have even had some of my clients house these children and help them get their educations here in the states for all of high school.

OK, so goal Personal 5.) “I am purchasing a lovely little home on the island of San Pedro.  It sits toward the back of town which keeps it safe from the threat of hurricanes.  It is made from concrete and sits on a sand lot fenced in.  It has 2 bedrooms and 1 bath.  Large Mexican tiles cover the floors when you enter the home and a lovely ceiling fan cools your face as you walk in.  To your left is a little half bar breakfast nook with white tiles on the top.  There is a small refrigerator in the corner and an apartment size stove.  I keep 2 bikes in the house for going to town as well as a golf cart.  I love my house on the island.  My friends are here.  I feel safe and happy. It’s painted yellow with green trim on the window and it has a new tile roof.  (I’ve always wanted a tile roof!) I was able to purchase this house far below the market value.  It was such a great deal and so unexpected.  I’m so glad I was ready for it!!

So here’s the exciting part Mr. Canfield; with your help I did this one too!!  My date was off by 92 days, but I did it!  My husband and I made the offer for purchase on my birthday.  We didn’t even know this little free standing condo was for sale.  We were actually sort of looking but not seriously looking, as everything is crazy expensive on the island.  We were actually looking at a different condo, but we both knew it was ridiculous to purchase it.  The condo would sit empty for so long.  We couldn’t justify the cost and being unable to use it until my husband retires. The home we purchased, which is made of concrete, is painted yellow, with a tile roof, has large Mexican tiles on the floor, the ceiling fan truly cools your face when you walk in,  sit’s to the back of the island, and is fenced in and sits on a sand lot was $42,500.00.  Yup that’s it! We were thrilled to have the opportunity literally fall into our laps. 

I have many other successful goals, and I write the word VICTORY across each and every one them.  Since learning and understanding the power of goal setting (I am still a student!), I have started teaching a class on goal setting for my teenage dancers.  All of them receive your goal setting book directed toward teens.  It’s a wonderful class and we have much success with it.  I also meet once a month with a young man and his fiancé to simply listen and understand (maybe guide a little) their future goals in saving and nurturing their dreams of owning a home.

It is with true thanks that I write this letter.  YOU need to know how much you impact people on a daily basis that you don’t even know.  Your gift of speech and book writing, I believe is from God.  You truly are blessed.  Thank you for every book you have ever written and thank you for giving my Coach the opportunity to help me realize my dreams.

I think Walt Disney said it best, “Your dreams can come true if you’re not afraid to reach for them.”

My Fondest Thoughts ALWAYS,

— Tina H., WI, USA

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