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“Dear Mr. Canfield,

I took a giant leap last November when I first talked with a member of your team. I decided that I needed to do something different in my life if I wanted to change my circumstances. Months earlier, I had bought your book “The Success Principles: How to get from where you are to where you want to be” and while I thought it was wonderful, I stalled in reading it and following its instructions.  When the opportunity to participate in coaching with you came along, I knew I was ready.

The transformation I began before coaching has accelerated thanks to the very personal approach your coaching takes. I am stepping outside my comfort zone, and learning to do things I always limited myself in before. And I’m seeing results.

My coach was a perfect match for me. Together we changed the way I think about things, and where I used to see limitation I now see possibilities.

I have taken two very important lessons to heart during the coaching: First is Principle 1. I always thought I took responsibility for my circumstances, but your program helped me to see that I was still blaming. I have since stopped that practice and feel the confidence knowing that I create my world. The second lesson is that of action. Having adopted the Ready! Fire! Aim! approach has propelled me more quickly than any other lesson I have learned. Nothing I think, feel or say matters unless I act. I recognize that as my biggest stumbling block in the past, and I am glad to have been confronted with how limiting my inaction was.

However, the biggest transformation has been deep down in my soul. I now know that I am no longer an object to be acted upon in my life. I understand that I create the life I have now by way of my thoughts and actions in the past. As a result, I am no longer satisfied going to work and maintaining a “security” that I have allowed myself to believe in. I am actively pursuing the things in life that give me joy, and I will find a way to make those things support me and my family. In short, I know what my purpose is, and I am now, for the first time in my life, Honoring it thanks to your coaching.

Mr. Canfield, I can honestly say that choosing to hire a personal coach has been one of the best and most important decisions in my life. Thank you for the opportunity!”


— Gordon S., NY, USA

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