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Dear Jack,

I have had the privilege of working on your course. I love it, and my Coach is fantastic too. I loved having someone to keep me on track and find my focus too. I loved your book mainly because I don’t enjoy reading, and yet it was so easy to read, because it was lots of little bits of information for all areas of my life…it is my new bible.

Before I started this course I was feeling stuck and not sure where to go, but knew I wanted and needed something else. After doing a search on the web, it brought me to your website and course information. I was excited when I heard what the course had to offer, and even more excited when it was one on one with a personal coach who I could feel comfortable with.

Now that I have put in my 12 weeks of training, I feel I have a ton of tools that are all very useful to me. I love that there were different ways of getting further ahead for me personally and professionally. Now I feel confident and it’s easier to remind myself that my life is going from good to great. I love this idea; it’s my personal favorite, and I had never heard of it before. I feel like I can pick what I want in life and that it’s all for me. I love the empowerment I feel from your course.

— Brenda S., Canada

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